Team Spotlight: Alan Breslaw (Head of Community)

Alan is the new Head of Community with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and working for queer companies. He was the Head Of Sales & Marketing at PlanetRomeo (Amsterdam) & the Director of Revenue for Hornet app and most recently Head of Community Management at LOVOO in Germany. Alan is super excited to bring his many years of working in the queer space and marketing to help bring Daylight to the wider community. 

What steps led you to Daylight?

A few years ago I was living in LA managing my own consulting company fresh off a start up that didn’t make it. A mutual friend introduced me to Rob who was working on his own start up in the UK. We had several discussions about his start up and the queer community, though shortly after I got wrapped in my consulting business. I always kept my eye on Rob and what he was working on. When 2021 kicked off I was ready for something more and reconnected with Rob. Six weeks later here we are on the same team finally going in the same direction. I’m super excited. 

When was the first time you thought about money?

I was 13 and just Bar Mitzvah’d where family often gives you money. I did receive the most I’d ever even dreamed of to that point ($1000) and spent it all on the newest computer of the time, the Apple IIC. I then realized that the bigger things you want will take money, and that money won’t always just come to you.

What was your ‘aha’ moment with money?

My first job out of college. I went through college with loans and some family support so it was fantasy land. The minute I got out of college and worked my first 40 hour week, I only earned $300 gross and quickly learned the value of money. As you know, $300 doesn’t take you so far and at that point I had to learn how think carefully about every dollar I spent (before i spent it, not after! lol). 

What do you do outside of work?

In normal non-Covid times: exercise, eat healthy 90% of the time (gotta have some fun), travel and hang out with friends. Travel is a big focus for me as it gets me out of my comfort zone. Through travel I learn about different cultures plus their history, art, and food.

Favorite LGBT+ business 

Lockwood51 – Los Angeles: Fun queer clothing store in my old hood (Silverlake). Sexy designs, witty T’s and more.

Ostbahnoff – A Los Angeles party that bridges the gap between queer: music, art, and political communities. What I love about this party is that the trans community and communities of color are made to feel especially welcome in a world that often prioritizes cis gays. 

Let’s make Alan feel welcome by telling us your favorite queer businesses in the comments section below.

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