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Why you need queer banking

We created Daylight to be the only bank account that rewards LGBTQ+ folks for spending in line with their values. We’re not only designed for LGBTQ+ folks but our chosen families and allies who want to put their money to work for themselves and for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our commitment is to not only provide you with great banking services, but to help you align your spending with your values. That means when you bank with Daylight, you don’t have to worry about accidentally supporting anti-LGBTQ+ or anti-trans initiatives. Chick Fil A anyone?

Doing the right thing is hard, and it’s hard to know who’s with us and who’s against us. Let us help. Here’s why Daylight is better for you, your community and your chosen family.

Better for you

With Daylight you can stop worrying about whether you’re doing the right thing with your spending and with your money. Daylight takes the uncertainty out of queer banking so you can rest assured you’re doing the right thing, every day.

  • Financial education and live coaches that can help you manage your finances better. We offer guides relevant to queer folks, including information on surrogacies, negotiating your salary, paying down debt and finding financing that meets your needs.
  • Each month we’ll send you a personalized spending report  that shows you how queer friendly your shopping is and offers you better alternatives. The more queer friendly you are, the better rewards we’ll offer. Easy. Eat that chicken sandwich without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Switch your payroll over to Daylight and you could be eligible to get your paycheck 2 days early. Get paid when you want, not when your boss does.
  • Say goodbye to overdraft fees and say hello “Paycheck advance”. Whether you’ve overspent on a fab new outfit this month, or didn’t work as many hours this week, we’ll advance you up to $200 each month to cover essential costs like hormone treatment, healthcare or those Gaga tickets that’ll sell-out before pay day.

Better for your community

Banking with Daylight means supporting queer people – all you need to do is use your Daylight card and we’ll do the rest. Here’s some of the ways using Daylight as your main bank account helps your community.

  • For every eligible customer who signs up before 31 August, we’ll be giving $10 to an LGBTQ+ mutual aid program that gives more than 95% of the donations directly to a queer person in need.
  • Rewards Realness is our cash-back platform for queer businesses. Every time you spend money with a queer business, we’ll give you up to 10% cash back – no vouchers, no codes. Just cash at the end of the month. Good for you, good for queer businesses.
  • Switch on charity round-ups for effortless donations for queer folks in need. Just using your card 20 times a month means you’ll ensure a low-income trans person gets a week worth of hormones. Or you could help a homeless young person get a bed for a night.
  • Get discounts (and donations) when you shop at big retailers. You can get cash-back when using our network of around 10,000 retailers, from Chipotle to DoorDash. And when you do, we’ll also channel 25% of your discount to LGBTQ+ mutual aid funds.

Better for your chosen family

You don’t have to be queer to want to do the right thing. Daylight is great for folks with queer kids, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins and best friends.

When you make Daylight your main bank account, and when you use your Daylight card, you’ll get all of the benefits of a Daylight member while also sleeping a little easier each night, knowing that you’re part of an ecosystem educating and supporting those people you care about.

Here’s some of the causes we’ve supported already

We’re a start-up, which means we’re at the beginning of our journey, but here’s some of the causes we’ve already supported in 2021.

– For the Gworls
– Point of Pride HRT fund
– Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship
– Next Generation Project
– Ali Forney Center

Plus every time a customer makes their 20th transaction, we make a donation to ACT UP to celebrate the heroes that supported our community through the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Where to from here?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Daylight. Over the coming months and years we’ll be rolling out more support for our community’s needs, including:

  • Loan products to support transitions and fertility treatment
  • Simplified access to PREP directly within the app
  • A market place of LGBTQ+ friendly products, like health insurance, travel insurance and mortgages.

Get early access to Daylight.  Join the waitlist today.

Billie Simmons

By Billie Simmons

Co-Founder, Chief of Staff at Daylight

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