What It Means to Not Compromise on Your Banking

As LGBTQIA+ folx, we are taught early and often to compromise by the wider culture and society. Compromise what you can expect out of life, who you can hope to be, or who you can spend your life with. 

Why do you have to be so hard nosed about your pronouns? 

Isn’t everyone just a little bit queer? 

Have you given any thought to, you know, toning down this whole loud-and-proud thing? 

But you dug in your heels and sometimes wonderfully, sometimes painfully, stuck with who you know you are. You’re a rockstar!

And now you’re tackling your finances with confidence. You’re navigating budgets, understanding your savings options more and more, and demanding the respect you deserve just for being you.

And that’s where we come in – ahem – or out. We take traditional financial experiences and make them not merely LGBTQ-friendly but optimized. We offer mobile banking options that honor your chosen names regardless of your official IDs, we are already integrated into major banking and retailers with Google Pay and Apple Pay, and we give you access to anywhere the VISA network is accepted. Are you saving up for top or bottom surgery, a surrogacy, or that fabulous LGBTQ+ conference next summer? Now there’s no need to hide yourself or your goals from your bank.

And that’s not all. We’re proud to offer community. That means you can:

  • Share your goals and get authentic advice from people who’ve been there
  • Access content about the most important money matters affecting our community
  • Shoutout your successes and celebrate with the community

Here at Daylight, we provide connectedness and understanding. For every step LGBT folx take in being recognized and supported – openly holding Federal office, serving on corporate boards, demonstrating leadership in their wider communities, fighting for more and more protections and rights – we still run into the day to day micro-aggressions that remind us of our collective histories.

As progressive as banking likes to appear in advertising, the actual process of signing up and opening of accounts is still very much rooted in culture that is historically white supremacist, patriarchal, and homophobic. Nowadays we can add anti-queer and transphobic to the list. If you identify as a woman, up until the 1970s here in the United States, you couldn’t access or open a bank account without the permission of a cisgender heterosexual man. And if you’ve ever tried to open an account with your same-sex partner, then you know you’re going to encounter language that is geared towards heterosexual partnerships. Some bisexual, queer, and even transgender couples can maneuver inside of this framework with fewer issues – and that’s a separate story – but for many in our LGBTQ+ family, that isn’t how their relationships work. We come in all stripes and from all backgrounds!

Our team reflects our diversity of queer experiences, and we value empathy and mutual respect above all else. We aren’t here to judge your past, the habits you’re growing into, or your long-term desires – the world does enough of that. We’re here to build a bridge between you, your money, and your best life! So join us, won’t you?


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